Artist Statement

Trash narratives of melted ice cream, leftover middle school lunches, discarded string, abandoned and stripped bicycles, busted mopeds, paper scraps, flattened Styrofoam cups, spilt sushi with takeout chopsticks, a lost comb, a discarded dirty white flip flop and a small stick forever embedded into fresh asphalt—I’m creating a catalog of expired moments and unsolved mysteries. The hundreds of photos in my phone archive the past lives of everyday objects begging to be abstracted and repurposed.

I appropriate these objects through a collage process that uses the tools and techniques I learned by working as a wallpaper hanger. My compositions are filled with flat graphic shapes cut from recycled paper. Bright swatches of marbled color are created by layering leftover paint. Drywall trowels and crusty paintbrushes are dipped and dragged through puddles to create visual texture. Added to the archive they await selection for future works. 

I am inspired by the ability of found objects to tell a larger story and I use them to reinterpret the world around me. The artifacts I depict reveal social and economic differences within our communities, capturing the personality of a place and documenting recently transpired events. The daily routines that record our existence and the compulsive patterns of human behavior fuel my drive to make. My practice is an investigation of the everyday and my work invites the viewer to reexamine the seemingly mundane as potential for exploration through imagination.